End Of A Year

A Tulip Emerges - 34
As we were driving home from the florist’s and the grocery store I fretted for a moment over the last post for this year. “Which flower would I select?” “Maybe I should go with something else?” The answer appeared as I put the tulips in water.

It’s been great fun producing “My Floral Focus” and I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this endeavor and I certainly look forward to continuing this in the New Year.

Have a wonderful celebration and I’ll be back next year.

Aspects Of A King – 4

King Protea Series - 4
Have a wonderful weekend!

“Commonly, the outside part of the flower head of the King Protea has spiky projections that are either pink or red and its center is usually lilac in color. The cape sugarbird (Promerops cafer) feeds on its nectar. As the bird drinks the nectar, the King Protea deposits pollen on the bird’s forehead. The bird then flies to another King Protea, pollinating it.”


Aspects Of A King – 3

King Protea Series - 3
“The flower of the king protea can get to be 12 inches across. On the outside it has many stiff, pointed, narrow bracts, or petals, that give it the appearance of a cup. The bottom half of the petals starts out cream colored or yellow, which turns into bright pink or velvet red on the top half. Inside the cup is a mass of white stamen about 1-2 inches long which all bend towards the center.”