The Story Continues

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how impressed I was by the depth of color in the iris I purchased yesterday. I am equally surprised by how slowly the flowers are developing. I usually see the fully formed flower within 24 hours of purchase; not the case today. I hope the slower pace continues so I can attempt to catch more of the “action”.

The Dutch Iris

The Dutch Iris is among my favorite blooms, particularly as the flower emerges. This is the last post for the week. We hope to return on Monday with images from the Virginia countryside. Have a great, if somewhat hot, weekend.

Iris Revisited

I try very hard to post “new” images each day; images taken within the previous 24 hours. Unfortunately yesterday and today’s photo sessions produced nothing of particular interest. So, I’m reaching back to last week’s iris sessions which produced a number of images I believe should see the light of day.