Gerber – 24

Gerber - 24

“There was one of my kin (of another day)
When the Riddle of Life defied her powers,
And her fretted heart rebelled, would say,
‘I will go out and look at the flowers.'”

I Will Go Out and Look at the Flowers by: Edith Matilda Thomas (1854-1925)

Gerber – 17

Gerber - 17
Gerber daisies have “large flowers heads with rayed petals around a center disk or green or black. The disk is composed of the actual tiny flowers. Petal colors range from pale pastels and cream to bold oranges, yellows, reds and bi-colors.”

Gerber – 16

Gerber - 16
“Gerbera L. is a genus of ornamental plants from the sunflower family. It was named in honour of the German botanist and naturalist Traugott Gerber who travelled extensively in Russia and was a friend of Carolus Linnaeus.”