“Pom Pommy Things”

As mentioned yesterday, on our last visit to the florist we came across some blooms we had not seen before. We later discovered a blog “Growing With Plants” and therein a piece about the Green Dianthus pictured above. We quote from their entry in order to describe the flower and today’s title:

“This amazing new cutflower may mark the end of those green-dyed Carnations we all shriek at on St. Patrick‚Äôs day. Finally, a true green Dianthus is hitting the market.
First, this is not a true carnation at all (Dianthus caryophyllus) but rather, it is a Dianthus barbatus cultivar, or Sweet William, But a Sweet William that looks more like a ball of moss.

Green Trick Dianthus is the hottest must-have flower introduced last February at a trade show in France and sold only for commercial growers as a cut flower crop. You may see it at stylish florist shops in large cities where cool green pom pommy things are as sexy as, well, green pom pommy things.”