At The Boatyard

We spent a couple of days in Annapolis and environs with friends and family. One of the highlights for me was a visit to a boatyard and marina in the area. I brought back this remembrance. Florals will probably return tomorrow.

The End Is Near

I’m really sorry to see these tulips go. I’m not one given to anthropomorphic musing and I know these flowers will be replaced by others in short order. Still, it’s been fun watching them grow and bloom. They will be missed.

I will be away for a couple of days and will return on Sunday. Have a great weekend.

A Rose For The New Year

It certainly feels good to get back to photography. I haven’t posted a rose photograph in quite some time and certainly not this year. So today seems the perfect opportunity. I’ll be testing a “loaner” lens over the next few days and hope to be able to share some of that work here.

Work on the Starbuck’s exhibition continues and we expect it will be completed within the next few days. Details to follow.

Say Hello Gracie

I captured this shot of Gracie a few weeks before Christmas. I had to wait until I had presented Gracie’s owners with a print before I could introduce her to the internet community. I will confess I am not a “dog person” but Gracie is special and some of it shows through here.

I’ve been working on an exhibition for Starbuck’s Chinatown location and haven’t had much opportunity to make new images. I hope that will change in a week or so.