Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota Steven learned the fundamentals of photography from his father. During the late 1960’s they would spend weekends photographing the Twin Cities then process and print the black and white images in his father’s darkroom. Steven set photography aside in the mid 1970’s and returned to it when he relocated to Washington, D.C. in 1987.

Since resuming his photographic pursuits Steven has self published 2 books: “Images in Bloom, The U.S. Botanical Garden” and “Sacred Ground” a photographic essay of the Mt. Zion Cemetery, the first African-American cemetery in the District of Columbia. Both books are available at blurb.com.

Steven’s first public photo exhibition occurred when photojournalist Sam Tyler invited him to exhibit in his show entitled “Cuba, A Certain Confidence” (May 2008). Subsequently his work has been displayed at the Clontoo Gallery in Reheboth Beach, DE. He also participated in the July 2010 Georgetown University Library staff art exhibition. Steven’s work is held in private collections and has been purchased by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Art Bank. In 2010 he exhibited his  “Floral Perspective I” collection at the Sweely Estate Winery in Madison, VA. He has also exhibited  his work at the Dupont Circle “Teaism” and the Chinatown “Starbucks” both located in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Steven, thanks for following “In My View”. I appreciate your interest. Your floral photos are excellent. I like how you isolate your subjects with a black background. I’m a Nikon guy too. Look forward to seeing more. — Rob

  2. Thank you for your note Steven, your capture of flowers is stunning – if I need a beautiful flower image I know where to come. So beautiful.


  3. Hi, I found your page while looking for a photo for the cover of my upcoming book. I am very interested in using “Calla Lily Profile” and “Calla Lily Series-18.” I would be absolutely thrilled if you gave me your permission to use your photo(s). Of course nothing is final yet, but I really enjoy your photography and need something professional! Thank you for your time.

    • HI Andria,

      Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my images. I’m afraid that I cannot make them available to you at this time. I certainly wish you well in your publishing efforts. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to make a profit in this endeavor !

      Best regards,


  4. Hello dear talented sir,

    I am from Romania. I am not a professional artist and I am not willing to become one because I have a carrier in a different domain. Nevertheless I enjoy painting and I really admire you work. Would you mind if I use your beautiful and inspired work for study? Of course I will declare the reference image and a link to it on the site I show my studies.

    I usually use oil or acrylic paints on canvas (no prints) and I don’t have any public exposure outside the virtual world.

    Even if your answer is not positive this doesn’t diminish in anyway your talent and great work you already have done 🙂

    Thank you very much and I assure you that I have become your fan since I discovered your work in the virtual world and will remain one no matter the answer.


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