Consider The Pepino Dulce – 1

Consider The Pepino Dulce - 1
“The pepino melon is a rather strange fruit in a number of ways. While it has been cultivated in South America for a good many years, no one seems to know of its true origins, as it is not known where it might have grown in the wild in the past, and it is not even known how long the plant has been under cultivation. The plant is also not a true melon. Melons grow on vines. This fruit grows on shrubs. Also, melons do not typically grow as evergreen plants. This plant is an evergreen. The fruit is called a melon however because it resembles a melon and it tastes somewhat like a melon. If it resembles a melon, and tastes like a melon, it must be a melon, if one wants to approach the subject logically.”

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