5 thoughts on “Beach Sunrise – 2

  1. What an amazing photograph! It is totally other worldly. The colors are magnificent, I love the way you captured the EXACT moment.What pleasant dreams I will have tonight even though I will not be up with the sun.

  2. Welcome back! Your first beach photo coincidentally touched on something I’ve been thinking about. When we try to portray the ocean, we almost never show the ocean by itself. Artists need boats or rocks or a lighthouse to pull the image together. A sunrise or sunset or range of clouds is as close as we ever get to the pure matter itself.
    You almost pull that off by having just a hint of beach at the bottom of the photo. Congratulations!
    Actually, No. 2 also works in the same manner — it almost seems to be two photos joined in the middle.
    You really get a sense of the power of the ocean.

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