How It All Works

So, I started my “Daffodil Series” today and during the session I recalled seeing an episode of “Our Gang” wherein one of the gang was required to recite a poem in front of the class. The topic was, of course, a daffodil. Thanks to the internet I learned that the episode was titled “Readin’ and Writin'” (1932). (I’ll quickly mention that I viewed this several years after it was produced.) And without further comment here is the poem:

“High up grew a daffodil,
I couldn’t hardly reach her
Said I to me I think I will
get it for my teacher”

“I clumb to get the daffodil
out on a limb so thin
I tumbled down like Jack and Jill
and skinned my little shin”

“And here’s the pretty daffodil
I brought to my new teacher
I love her dear and I always will:
I’m awful glad to meetcha!!”

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