Why “astupidflowerphotographer” blog?

A good question indeed. When I first came to digital photography  I quickly discovered “Flickr” and dove right in. One of the first groups I joined was “Hit,Miss or Maybe”. The idea was that you posted one photo then judged the 3 previous photos as either a “hit”, a “miss” or a “maybe”. On one memorable occasion I opined that I didn’t understand the photo in question and gave it a “miss”. The aggrieved photographer in this case quickly sent me a private e-mail and declared that he wasn’t surprised by my vote since I was just “a stupid flower photographer”. When it came time to author my own blog that description came to mind as an appropriate title.

My intention is to introduce new photographs here and comment upon them as appropriate. I certainly plan to keep the verbiage to a minimum and welcome all comments and suggestions.

I’ll attempt a brief autobiography in the next post.

Until then I remain,

Steven Jackson (asfp)


One thought on “Why “astupidflowerphotographer” blog?

  1. Steven,

    This is a beautiful idea. I will look forward to my in box. I love Calla Lilies , they are so delicate yet intricate and filled with hidden meaning ~ they last a long tiime in a vase too! I like the title of the blog ~ it has a good twist and story behind it.

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